Where We Play


27745 North Smyth Drive    Valencia, CA    91350   Tel: 661.775.8686    Fax: 661.775.8681 

About the Valencia Ice Station:

Ice Station Valencia is a fun and safe place for families and people of all ages to get together.  Being home to more than 95,000 square feet of ice and family entertainment, Ice Station Valencia is the coolest place to have fun in Santa Clarita. The facility offers three ice rink surfaces (NHL, Olympic and studio size rinks), video arcade, dance studio, pro shop, banquet/private rooms and full-service grill restaurant.  Ice Station Valencia offers Public Ice Skating, Snow Play, Ice Hockey, Lessons, Parties, Broomball, Group Events, Fundraisers, Summer and Winter Camps, Rink Tours, and more.

Find us on the web: www.icestation.net

For more information contact: Matt Witten  661.775.8686x231 or mwhitten@icestation.com

 Although the ISV is the original home of the Valencia SNAP Flyers Hockey Club, we are guests and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

All Hockey Visitors to the Ice Station Valencia shall: 

  • Display strict adherence to the policies and procedures of Valencia SNAP Flyers Hockey Club and the Valencia Ice Station.
  • Have respect for opponents and play by the rules of the game.
  • Shall receive equal opportunity for active participation in committees, boards and coaching.
  • Display respect for the players and parents of other youth hockey organizations. 
  • Display respect for officials, coaches and volunteers of VSF and accepting of their decisions.

Ice Station Valencia Rules

  1. Please dress players in the locker room – avoid dressing in the lobby area.
  2. In an effort to avoid injury to others, we encourage parents to carry the younger players stick(s) through the rink and lobby area.
  3. Do not allow your child(ren) to run wild throughout the rink. Your child and those within your charge are your responsibility.
  4. Parents are responsible for any damage to the rink or property caused by their child(ren). No rollerblades or skateboards are permitted in the ice rink.
  5. No one is allowed on the bench or bench area except players, coaches or game officials. Continued warnings will result in disciplinary action. No children, except student coaches and those playing are allowed on the bench at any time.
  6. Parents are not allowed near player benches during games or practice. The time on the ice belongs to the coaches.
  7. NO ONE is allowed on the ice until the Zamboni doors are closed and locked. Anyone continually violating this rink policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
  8. Hockey pucks travel at a very high rate of speed and young players developing skills can be a dangerous combination for the distracted spectator. Enjoy this fast paced game and pay attention to the flying puck at all times. Although tempting ~ Players are not to intentionally or accidentally shoot pucks out of the rink, at players, parents or coaches.  It is especially important that players not shoot at goalies that are not in the “ready-set” position.  No checking, slap shots.
  9. Student coaches must wear helmets with cages, on the bench, during games and practices. All coaches are required to wear helmets while on the ice. (USA Hockey Rule).
  10. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed. Any player or coach, who appears at a game or practice, "under the influence," is subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the association.                         
  11. All players must treat rink employees, league officials, coaches and officials with respect.                                                         
  12. VSF will not tolerate children of any age who may treat anyone involved in the program with disrespect. Players and children will listen to adults and follow directions when reprimanded.

Obscene, racial or vulgar language, threatening or engaging in physical violence is not tolerated. Players, parents, spectators, coaches and officials are subject to immediate disciplinary action for the failure to comply with this rule. We have guests and small children present on a regular basis. There is no need for foul language at any time. Maintaining the integrity of the Valencia SNAP Flyers is everyone's responsibility.

Locker Room Policy

  • Each team is responsible for the cleanliness of the locker room. Team Managers are encouraged to monitor and enforce this policy.
  • Please secure ALL valuables and equipment. No cameras are permitted in the dressing/locker rooms. The assume no liability for lost, destroyed or stolen property.
  • For the protection of the players and coaches, we require monitoring of locker rooms by screened parents/managers, in dressing rooms, whenever minor children are present.
  • For parents and guardians, wanting to be directly involved, we offer numerous opportunities that require small increments of time. Those interested in any of the following should contact snaphockey.org.