SNAP Sports is always looking for quality volunteers to assist them in the completion of their mission. The following are some of the volunteer opportunities available: 


  1.  On-ice Volunteers to work in our Skating Development Program on Wednesday evenings (coaching pre-requisite)
  2.  Off-ice volunteers to help assist team practices, skating program and team functions (WED. & SAT)
  3.  Social Media Coordinator
  4.  Fundraising Coordinator
  5.  Webmaster


Tips for Working with Individuals with Special Needs

TIP #1 Stay relentlessly POSITIVE!!

  • Attitude starts with you!
  • Always give compliments with constructive criticism.
  • If you get frustrated, so will our participants. BE PATIENT!!!!

TIP #2 Repetition, repetition, repetition

  • Several of our athletes will not understand directions or expectations the first time. Repeat when necessary.
  • Keep it simple. Give simple, short directives. The more complicated the directions are, the easier it is for our clients to get frustrated.
  • Our participants learn in different ways just like us. Try different ways teaching a certain task. Sometimes words are not enough.

TIP #3 Choose language wisely

  • Be mindful of who you are talking to. They are adults so talk to them like they are adults.
  • Be aware that some of our participants may not understand sarcasm and jokes.
  • Additionally, please keep language appropriate around participants.

TIP #4 Our head volunteers are here to help everyone!!!!

  • If you have a problem, question, etc, please ask one of head volunteers! We are here to help everyone.

TIP #5 Preventing confrontations

  • Always be hyperaware.
  • Listen to the conversations your participant’s are having. If conversations begin to turn negative redirect the conversation to something positive.
  • Pay attention to mood changes with our participants. If they seem upset pull them aside and LISTEN to their concerns!
  • Validate the participants feeling, when appropriate, give advice and allow them work out the issues themselves. Continue to be aware of the situation and be prepared to step in.
  • Alert your head volunteer immediately if you think a problem is about to occur.

The most important advice…. Have Fun!!!!!!