SNAP Skating

Created and designed as an introduction to ice related activities. Newcomers have the opportunity to try skating in a safe, friendly environment with trained coaches and mentors. Each participant must navigate basic foot skills off the ice before they work with coaches, on the ice. Once a comfort level is reached, beginners are provided one-on-one training until such a time that they can safely skate alone. Skates and safety equipment are provided. The activity utilizes experienced volunteers to develop, coach, mentor and supervise ALL skaters in the program. Volunteers provide on and off ice instruction. Activity is held year-round, weekly on Wednesdays at the Ice Station Valencia, Valencia, CA.  This activity provides a weekly opportunity for participants to regular exercise, improving their overall health and well being. Participants have shown improvements in confidence and poise by mastering a difficult skill. Skaters developing new relationships during the activity, have seen improvement in socialization and other common behavioral challenges. Skates and safety equipment are provided.