Gear Care Guide

As a member of the Valencia SNAP Flyers Hockey Club, you have been given a set of protective hockey gear. EACH PLAYER is responsible for his/her own gear and its care. You will need to learn how you will take care of this priceless protection. Where will you air out your pads and skates? How will you remember to pack everything back into your bag? Here are a few hints to keep your equipment in good shape:

1. LABEL all of your equipment. Have your parent or caretaker put a luggage tag on your bag including their cell phone number if possible. That way if you ever forget your bag or take someone else’s by mistake, the finder of your bag will have a convenient way to reach you…..maybe even before you get back home!

2. Get to know your equipment and the correct way to put it on. Make sure the padding is facing the right way to protect the correct part of your body. New equipment may need a break-in period of time to feel really comfortable. Decide what kind of underclothing you will wear with your equipment. Treat this as you do your equipment. Label it and be sure to keep it clean. Put it back into the bag so you’re ready to go for the next ice time.

3. We require that each player purchase his/her own performance undergarment/long underwear and skate socks. Longs pants and long-sleeved shirt, please. These are a personal item that needs to be washed after each use. Each player will be provided with a jock/jill short for pelvic protection.

4. We also recommend that each player purchase/use a mouthguard.


If you take good care of your equipment off the ice, it will take good care of you on the ice! Dry is the key. It’s definitely the best way to ensure your gear’s durability and longevity. ALL of your gear will benefit from air drying after each use. In addition to preserving its integrity, drying out your gear will drastically reduce its risk of stink! Wet gear breeds bacteria. That bacteria is unhealthy and smelly, smelly, SMELLY!

So do yourself and everyone around you a favor and dry your gear. Everybody wins!