SNAP Sports

Special Needs Athletes & Peers

SNAP Sports (Special Needs Athletes & Peers) is developing athletes for sports commonly out of reach to those with developmental disabilities. By overcoming the obstacles and challenges of these alternative sports, participants will develop a confidence and poise which enhances their everyday existence.

Our programs will provide the opportunity for increased physical fitness, disciplined team behavior and demonstrable moments of accomplishment. We will encourage the use of peer athletes to accelerate this process, and the program will welcome all athletes with disabilities, who wish to expand their knowledge and skills of a team sports through the support of experienced coaches and skilled peers.

With the success of the SNAP Flyers Hockey Club, we will be adding FLAG FOOTBALL  to our slate of programs to provide our participants with an opportunity to play sports previously unavailable to them. This is how we will differ from Special Olympics, by offering sports which they do not. It is not our goal to compete with Special Olympics, but merely to offer an alternative for these courageous athletes.

We look forward to your support in the coming months as we embark on this adventure together. Stay tuned here for more details as they become available!